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What can be retouched?

When placing an order, standard digital retouching is applied to your prints to correct for lighting, coloring and minor blemishes.  Eye-glass glare removal is free of charge when selected.  Special retouching (braces, tan lines, flyaway hair, major blemishes, etc.) is available for an additional charge. For custom retouching, please call us to ensure we receive clear instructions, so we may provide retouching that meets your specific needs.

When do I have to make my yearbook pose selection?

School yearbook deadline dates can change each year, therefore we recommend selecting your yearbook pose and submitting your order as soon as possible. If the deadline is approaching and we have not received your selection, we will send you an e-mail reminder. If you do not select your yearbook pose before your school's deadline, a selection will be made for you.

Which pose do I have to select for the yearbook and where do I make the selection?

Each individual school determines which background and poses can be used for their yearbook. Only poses beginning with “YB” may be used as your yearbook selection. You may select your yearbook pose from your online gallery, on your order form, or by calling us. We cannot substitute an alternate background from what the school has specified for the yearbook.

What is the "additional poses" add-on?

The "additional poses" add-on allows you to choose more poses than are already included in your selected package, allowing for a greater variety in the print images you receive. It does not increase the number of prints in the package itself.