Lors Photography was born out of the vision of two siblings, Laurence and Stanley, and Stanley's son Thomas, who founded the company in 1926 as Lorstan-Thomas Photography in Newark, New Jersey after Laurence mistakenly got off the train from Pittsburgh in "Newark", instead of "New York," a mistake that continues to be made by people even today.

Lorstan operated as a family business opening studios throughout New Jersey for the first half of the twentieth century. If your grandparents grew up in the Garden State, odds are they were photographed by the Slutsker family at some point.

The family's second generation took over in 1968, and began the expansion of the company into New York City and Long Island. Through the years, Laurence's sons Richard and Steven continued that expansion and growth, bringing the business into the new century and the era of digital imaging. Along the way shortening the company name to Lorstan Studio and finally to Lors Photography.

Pictured: Laurence and Stanley Slutsker, with parents David and Sima Pictured: Laurence and Stanley Slutsker, with parents David and Sima

In 2004, the brothers sold the company to Modern Holdings, Inc. of Summit, NJ. Since then, with the development of and conversion to one of the most advanced school studios in the northeast, Lors has expanded its reach to upstate New York, Pennsylvania, and as far south as Delaware.

To this day, Lors maintains the consistent commitment to quality and customer service that was the hallmark of the Slutsker business over 90 years ago. Today we employ over 100 creative minds energized with the mission of commemorating the milestones and achievements of hundreds of thousands of students at over 200 schools.