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Lors Photography was born out of the vision of two siblings, Laurence and Stanley, and Stanley's son Thomas, who founded the company in 1926 as Lorstan-Thomas Photography in Newark, New Jersey after Laurence mistakenly got off the train from Pittsburgh in "Newark", instead of "New York," a mistake that continues to be made by people even today. Several years later the brothers bought out their cousin and changed the name to Lorstan.

Pictured: Laurence and Stanley Slutsker, with parents David and Sima

Lorstan operated as a family business opening studios throughout New Jersey for the first half of the twentieth century. If your grandparents grew up in the Garden State, odds are they were photographed by the Slutsker family at some point.

The second generation of the family took over in 1968, and began the expansion of the company into New York. Richard and Steven, Laurence's sons, completed the acquisition of Carol Studios of Long Island in 1991, changing the name to Empire Classics. Lorstan was then renamed Lors in New Jersey.

With no clear family transition to the third generation, the brothers sold the company to Modern Holdings, Incorporated of Summit, NJ in 2005. Since then, Modern Holdings has expanded the reach of the combined companies to upstate New York and as far south as Delaware adding the acquisition of Studio 53 in Philadelphia in December of 2007.

Lors Photography and Empire Studios maintain the consistent commitment to quality and customer service that was the hallmark of the Slutsker business over 80 years ago. Today we employ over 200 creative minds energized with the mission of commemorating the milestones and achievements of the student populations at over 600 schools throughout the Northeast.

Customer Testimonials

I am writing this letter as a mere "suggestion" that you might consider in the future: changing photographers for Senior Pictures.

Caitlin is our youngest child out of four. The oldest is thirty years old. Over the last 25 years, we have ordered all "class pictures", "athletic pictures", and "graduation pictures" - yet we simply could not afford the "minimal" package offered by "Lifetouch" for Caitlin's "senior picture". Their prices are way out of line. On top of the yearbook price and "formal page" we found that we simply could not afford these pictures. My husband and I are both retired and not making the money we were making when our older three were entering college. As a matter of fact, it was quite embarrassing when we were faced with the fact that Caitlin's pictures were "too expensive".

There is a photographer on Atlantic Ave. in Lynbrook who solved this problem for us - "Lors Empire Photography"

Alexis took many different shots, both in a graduation gown and a formal black drape. There was no $35.00 sitting fee, and the shoot was done so professionally with so much consideration to Caitlin. The supervisor, Darryl even came out of his office to greet us. I was completely shocked when they insisted that I not leave a deposit until the pictures are ready (2 to 3 weeks).

I honestly do not know why ERHS uses "Lifetouch" when a local photographer is actually half, if not a little more, the price.

Lors Empire does the pictures for Malverne Elmont, St. Francis Prep., the Mary Louis Academy and many other schools in our area.

The experience we had with Alexis and Darryl was extraordinary.

— Margaret and Caitlin McShane


Lors Photography is always looking for ways to decrease our negative impact on the environment. This is why we are changing the way you will receive event photos this coming year. Learn more about how we are going green

Yearbook advisors, now is the time to switch to Lors for next year's pictures. Call our School Services Specialists today at (908) 686-5600 to schedule an appointment and learn about our exciting new services.

With our new digital student tracking system, ProofPosi+ive, yearbook advisors can see, manage and download senior photographs like never before. This state-of-the-art technology is available via any web connection and provides multiple logins for students and faculty. Call the Lors sales team today to set up a demo at (908) 686-5600 and reduce your image management headaches.

Our new Red Carpet Style prom shoots have proved a resounding success. If you're here looking for your prom, click the link above called "View photos" or go to lorsstudio.com/sample-gallery/candids. To find out how your school can qualify for this modern approach to proms, call our customer service team at (908) 686-5600.

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